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12 Best Cricket Exercises for Batsmen: Improve Strength and Power

Squats. This is one of the most common exercises around and it can be used in a number of scenarios. The squat can also help batsmen to build their strength and power and, while it’s simple, it’s important to get it right. This exercise helps to build up core strength while improving on the strength and size of the lower body muscles.

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Cricket Exercises for Batsmen. 1. Banded Box Squats. One of the best ways to improve power as a batsman in cricket is with the banded box squat. Generating power through the legs is important for almost every position in cricket.

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Pull-ups –. Pull-ups are an exercise used to train your arms, biceps, and other upper body parts. If batsmen have weak arms, biceps he cannot play big shot in cricket. It improves your strength in arms, biceps, and shoulder joints. You must do more than 20 pull-ups for beginners, later you can increase day by day.

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A pull shot is one of cricket’s most glorious moves to witness. To do so, batsmen must twist with a swing and it’s performed regularly in the game. It’s vital to strengthen the muscles that assist this movement to be able to pull it off without injuring yourself. The cable wood chop is an ideal exercise, as it helps to replicate the pull shot. It helps with both core and oblique muscle activation.

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Squats. Fast bowlers need strong legs that can handle a lot of mechanical stress. There are few better exercises than squats for strength and conditioning of lower limbs. Ram suggests not doing a...

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I generally recommend training mostly using 5-10 reps and 3-5 sets for Cricketers. If your reps are on the higher side then keep the sets on the lower side, and if the reps are low then keep the sets on the higher side. Thus if you chose to do 5 reps then do 4-5 sets, and if you choose to do 10 reps then do 3 sets.