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From $500 to $30,000.00+ on Betway playing Live & Real Blackjack! Three day grind. : gambling. From $500 to $30,000.00+ on Betway playing Live & Real Blackjack! Three day grind. Hey it's me your cousin. Omg look 3 cousins find each other on this sub, crazy.

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What's up everyone, I will be continuing the great work of u/blackjack_counter and u/mojo021 this season. If you are unfamiliar with the Wong Teasers you can read the week 1 post from u/blackjack_counter who has since deleted his Reddit. And here is a link to the 2021 Week 2 post.

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When you say that "Bovada has better odds," then betway's must be complete garbage D: Bovada's e-sports (and MMA) are absolute crap, but rarely, you can get good lines right as they open before others hammer them also. As you mention, I've found they're very very slow to update also, so you can get good values even if you're not the very first.

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Got bored, and started doubling up on blackjack bets (starting at $1). First dozen bets were normal, but I hit a rut, and doubled up all the way to $500 (which I did twice). They took me for $1500 in about ten minutes probably. Had I kept the bets small, maybe they would've let me come out $20 ahead.

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6 Point Teasers. Our methodology for playing 6-point teasers is similar to Blackjack expert Stanford Wong's strategy: Tease the underdog when the line is +1½, +2, +2½, or +3. Tease the favorite when the line is -7½, -8, -8½, or -9. NOTE: The original Wong Criteria do not include +3 or -9 but this is how the post was done previously so we ...

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Bet365, Betway, Pinnacle, and Sports Interaction are among the best options. A few unregulated options include Bodog (Bovada sister site) and Tigergaming (BetOnline sister site). Been using betstamp plenty lately. Betway has great odds for a lot of esports but other than that, Bet365 is superior in every way.

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ImpliedProbability. · 8m. The odds are often the best in the marketplace for sportsbooks on some events. Rugby Union, League, Darts and Snooker ML are frequently among the best, and continental football also regularly gives top prices. Also they have the 2 × £5 free bet for the first two £25 spends on multiples. 2.

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Betway Voided my bet that I won. I bet under 47.5yds for the longest field goal in the Browns vs Steelers game and there was not a single field goal scored in the game. Then, a couple hours later I received an email from betway saying my bet was void due to “Postponement, Walkovers, Late Bets, Palpable Error, Retirements or Abandoned matches”.