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How to Dribble a Basketball - NBA.com: Jr. NBA

How to Dribble a Basketball. Keep your head up and your eyes on the game. Don’t look at the ball. Extend your arm and snap your wrists to send the ball into the ground. Use your fingers, not your...

How to Dribble a Basketball (7-Step Guide + Drills)

How to Dribble a Basketball in 7 Steps. Step #1 - Spread and Relax Your Fingers. The first step in learning how to dribble a basketball is to relax your fingers and make sure they’re spread out evenly on the basketball. Young kids have a tendency to keep their fingers together unless they’re taught otherwise.

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Dribble moves - Basketball Training

Dribbling between the legs is vary similar to the crossover dribble, with the added nuance that the ball passes between an offensive players legs while moving from one hand to another. This move is sometimes thought of as a safer move since it keeps the ball hidden and further from the defender.

5 Basketball Dribbling Techniques That Give You Untouchable ...

Basketball Dribbling Technique #3: Crossover. The crossover dribble is most commonly used when you are advancing the basketball up the court and the defender cuts off your angle. The crossover ...

50 Basketball Dribbling Drills (Develop an Amazing Handle)

Keeping the ball close to the ground, use your right hand to dribble one ball around your right leg and use your left hand to dribble the other ball around your left leg. 48. Double V-Dribble in Front

10 Basketball Dribbling Drills that Give Your Players Better ...

Dribbling in basketball is about reading and reacting to the defender’s actions. It’s among the very first skills that beginners learn when picking up this game. As they advance into the pro level, they have to continue fine-tuning their dribbling ability and integrate it into other skills to optimize their performance on the court.

What is Dribbling in Basketball? | Hoops Addict

This can be done while stationary, or it can be done while moving. Regular dribbling can be done to gain rhythm or balance before a shot. In the half-court, regular dribbling can also be used to move from one point to the next when the dribbler is not under pressure. Low Dribble.

How to Dribble Better In Basketball [6 Easy Tips]

Dribbling is the simultaneous response of hands and ball coordination, legs and mind synchronization and the purpose of dribbling at a specific time in the game. To score points, dribbling is the way to create the gaps in the defending lanes of the opposition. An attacker can’t only run straight to the opposite rim.