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Quin Snyder's Defensive Philosophy: Force Baseline Or Middle?

Most NBA teams play a "force baseline" defense. Jerry Sloan played "force middle." What does Quin Snyder prefer as his Utah Jazz defensive scheme?

On Ball Defense Against Dribble Penetration - Don’t Force ...

When our teams used to force baseline, our defenders got beat off the dribble too much and became too reliant on the help defense. And it makes sense. If you position your body to force the offensive player baseline or middle, you are giving them a better angle for a direct line drive.

8 Laws for Basketball Defense - Online Basketball Drills

1. Keep The Ball Out of the Middle. When guarding a dangerous offensive player, you’re either going to trap or you’re going to force the dribbler high — but you cannot allow him to turn the corner. If you’re going to force him, force him baseline — do not allow him to get into the lane.

Basketball Defensive Concepts - HoopTactics

The "Red Zone" in the width of the free throw lanes and runs the full length of the court endline to baseline. Middle Penetration. If the ball handler should penetrate into the middle, the defender should physically block and turn the dribbler back to the sideline.

A Summary: How to Build a Basketball Defensive System ...

Three Options to Force the Ball in Your Basketball Defensive System. Push the ball sideline. Push the ball middle. Or play the ball chest to chest (square). For example, whatever way you force the ball determines how you play pick and roll. If you play pick-and-roll and you force the ball down, you need to drop your big and force the ball baseline.

Force baseline or middle? - Breakthrough Basketball

At girls varsity level (I assist coach) it depends on who we're playing but generally the hc likes to force middle for the help. This is usually in our 2-3 zone. At girls jr. high, where I'm the hc, I tell them to force baseline because I'd rather have the other team take shots behind the rim rather then in front.

Basketball Defensive Strategy - Tips & Resources for All ...

There are dozens of different types and philosophies regarding defense... man, zone, force baseline, force middle, pack it in, force turnovers, create tempo, and so on. But regardless of the defense you run, we find that players that have developed strong man-to-man defensive principles can quickly adapt to any type of defense -- whether it's a full court press, 1-3-1 zone, or a 2-3 zone.

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We teach on-ball defenders to force the ball toward the sideline and then down to the baseline. On the baseline, we stop penetration and try to trap. Forcing the ball to one side allows you to establish your helpside defense. When the ball is at the top of the key in the middle, the low defenders must play "straight up" and you have to defend the entire court.

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