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How to Hit a Topspin Forehand in Tennis - 2021 - MasterClass

Certain tennis court surfaces are better for heavy topspin shots, while others do best with flat shots. The more you learn and practice these common shots, and when to use them, the tighter your tennis game will be.

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The purpose of topspin in tennis is to allow for greater power on shots while keeping the ball within the boundaries of the court. Topspin also causes a ball to bounce high and move aggressively towards your opponent. In addition, by using topspin you can more easily clear the net. This increases the percentage of success of your shots.

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Basically you can create topspin with both forehand and backhand. It is caused by the friction between the ball and the strings of the tennis racket. The amount of topspin depends mainly on the swing movement and the point where the ball hits the surface of the racket.

Tennis Tips: Hit More Topspin With This Super Simple Drill

Topspin Drill For this drill you’ll need to be working with a partner. – Stand facing each other with your rackets directly in front of you and held out at waist height.

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You can practice your forehand and backhand topspin technique in the park or at a local tennis court – However, this can be hard to do regularly, especially on rainy days or if your practice partners are not available for you to practice with. The Tennis Swing Trainer by TOPSPIN MASTER is ALWAYS available to help you perfect your topspin.

How To Hit Topspin In Tennis by Rolling the Ball | Feel Tennis

If you want to add topspin to your tennis groundstrokes—forehand and backhand—then the most effective and realistic way of doing it is to “roll the ball”. You’ve surely heard many times that you produce topspin by getting under the ball and then brushing up, but in reality, top spin happens much faster and in a much more dynamic way.