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Seeking Distributors

seria a live is currently seeking partners to represent us in various countries. We welcome any interested party to join our global network. You are not only our distributors, but also our strategic partners in terms of developing together and sharing the same mission as well as prospects. We will always bring new ideas to develop competitive products, offer comprehensive market service, and help distributors seize the initiative in the fierce market competition. We'd like to see a joint development rather than the growth of seria a live alone. We are willing to study the market with you and make marketing strategies together so as to realize mutual benefits.

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If you are interested in becoming a seria a live distributor, please send your company profile and a letter stating your business intents to

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Companies with following qualification are preferred.

1. Energy and enthusiasm to market seria a live products in your local market.

2. Experienced in selling medical products.

3. Effective distribution network.

4. Good technical knowledge and marketing ability.

5. On-site facilities for repair service.

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